What people think when you send them 6 RELEVANT cold emails .

Pardeep Kullar
Pardeep Kullar

This is how I felt getting a sequence of RELEVANT emails from one person over several weeks. If emails are relevant and you've spent the time to know you're talking to the right person then it's worth following up.

Email 1

“Hey wtf, I don’t even know you. I’m not reading this shit.”

Email 2

“Where is the UNSUBSCRIBE button!”

In theory you should have some way for them to say no or to unsubscribe. Personally I think if you mention that at the bottom, then it should be fine.

Email 3

“Jeez, persistent fucker. The product sounds vaguely relevant but I can’t be bothered to find out.”

Email 4

“I wonder what this guy looks like. I’ll google him. Hehe, he looks like a persistent bastard. Ooh so that’s what his company does.”

Email 5

“It’s that bastard again, he never gives up, gotta give him credit. I want to ask him one thing about his product but maybe later in the week.”

Email 6

“Kevin, check this dude out. Look how determined he is. I had a look at the website and tried it out. ”

We learned a lesson. If the email is relevant and you've spent the time to research and find them then it’s worth chasing up because people don’t read that first email properly. They assume it is mass spam and not focused on them.

We screwed up sending out emails despite being a company that specialises in rapidly finding business emails. We arrogantly sent only one email thinking it was perfect and missed out on 90% of people.

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